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Urgent Care

photo of a doctor’s hand filling out a prescriptionSometimes, patients need same-day appointments for a variety of reasons. They are in need of urgent care (UC). Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine offers this service to patients for their convenience and well-being.

If symptoms the patient is experiencing aren’t reason to head for the hospital emergency room — but discomfort and the need for medical attention are present — contact us now between Monday to Thursday (8:30am to 6:00pm) and Friday (8:30am to 5:00pm). Dr. Zack Charkawi will rearrange the patient schedule to include the patient on a priority basis.

Family-centered patient care

Urgent Care offered by your family practice solves the problem of how to handle minor emergencies that happen to adults and children.

Some primary care providers known as family practitioners (FPs) are patient-centered. When the patient works with an FP practice, there’s no need to worry about when the doctor will see you. If you’re sick and need a same day visit, you have the option of receiving urgent care as necessary from your FP.

Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine offers Urgent Care medical services to its existing patients. New patients should arrange a regular first visit at the office if they may need priority UC care in the future.

Urgent Care, instead of ER hospital care, isn’t the same as the traditional emergency room. Because your doctor already knows your health status and individual-family medical history, it is a less complex matter for the doctor to identify and treat what’s causing you to feel sick. As always, you come to the doctor’s office for treatment. Patient records and family history are conveniently available there.

Dr. Zack Charkawi believes in prioritizing patients’ needs and not his own established schedule. If fever, cuts (of non-critical nature), flu symptoms, sprains, earache, nausea, coughs and the like are causing trouble today, it’s good to know that a call to your doctor is there to attend to your needs.

Headache Sufferers

Patients with chronic headaches understand that a migraine or long lasting tension headache causes deep discomfort. Many people who suffer chronic headaches lose workdays or friends when they can’t keep social appointments. An Urgent Care visit is more appropriate for these patients than the hospital ER, according to the National Headache Foundation (NHF). A study performed by NHF showed that UC was better suited to headache patients’ needs, including wait time; provider ‘bedside manner’; diagnosis/treatment; quality of home care instructions; quiet area provided at the UC facility; and patient satisfaction with provided treatment.

Although some headache sufferers go to the emergency room if no other options are available, hospital staff can sometimes view the patient’s pain as “less than an emergency” status. Occasionally, headache sufferers are told that the ER “isn’t a headache medicine dispensary” when the patient arrives for help. Clearly, the patient is in the ER because they need help and are unaware of other, better treatment options.

The Urgent Care Association of America (UCA) encourages headache sufferers to use Urgent Care offered by the primary care doctor when this service is available. The patient’s own doctor knows his or her condition. In most cases, the FP attending the patient has previously discussed preventive care and has a treatment plan in place.

Patients suffering chronic headaches, such as migraine, can potentially improve the quality of care by working with a flexible FP and family medicine practice for these reasons. UCA says that migraine sufferers are frequent users of UC.

Uses of Urgent Care

Urgent Care isn’t for serious medical emergencies, however. And not all UC solutions require an after 5:00pm visit. For instance, a son or daughter is heading off to university and their health office notifies him or her that the health record is incomplete. It’s essential for him to receive a certain vaccine before he or she starts school.

Or perhaps a childcare worker learns she needs a flu shot immediately. She doesn’t have time to come to the doctor’s office during regular office hours.

In this sort of scenario, contact the doctor as soon as possible to arrange a patient visit. Dr. Charkawi will rearrange the patient schedule to accommodate you or your family member that same day. The office can also fax a signed vaccine record or patient’s medical record to the university or employer directly after the appointment to save an additional step.

If chest pains, a major injury happens, or labor contractions begin, it’s best to go straight to the hospital emergency room. The hospital will call Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine about your status when they are advised about your primary care doctor. Your waiting time in the hospital ER may be longer and physicians are likely to run tests or admit you to the hospital if the condition warrants.


UC is a great benefit of the family medicine practice. Patients in search of UC Atlanta, North Atlanta UC, UC Cumming, and UC Alpharetta, GA can benefit from Dr. Zack Charkawi’s patient and family-focused medicine. Call him today at 770-771-6591 for outstanding patient care.