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Preparing For Allergy Season

Young Family Outdoors | Pollen SeasonFor many Atlanta residents, allergy season can be difficult to endure. For some, it can mean sneezing and having a runny nose throughout the day, while others may suffer from itchy skin and wheezing within the lungs. Although several medications can work to alleviate allergies, extra precautions should be taken to prepare for the Atlanta pollen and allergy season in order to feel more comfortable.

1. Be Clean

Many people don’t realize that allergies can be prevented simply by maintaining proper hygiene throughout the day. Pollen can easily attach to your hair, eyebrows, and even on your skin, making it crucial to shower at least once a day. This will prevent the dust from transferring to your clothes, pillows, and even furniture. It’s equally important to vacuum carpets and floors throughout the week to eliminate dust and mold.

2. Plan Ahead

Know the Atlanta metro area that you live in and what the pollen count is expected to be for the coming allergy season. Download the National AllergyForecast App or Weather Channel App on your smartphone or tablet for an easy way of monitoring the pollen count and allergy conditions in your area on a daily basis. This will alert you when the pollen count is high on certain days for an easy way of knowing the best days to stay indoors. When a high count is expected, do your best to stay indoors between the hours of 5 AM to 10 AM, typically the highest pollen times of the day. These apps can also provide you with a specific allergy forecast in other areas of the country that you might be eyeing for a family vacation.

3. Visit Dr. Charkawi Before Spring Arrives

Take preventative measures before your symptoms begin by visiting Atlanta primary care physician Dr. Charkawi and Johns Creek Family Medicine to establish a plan for the medications that you’ll take for the season ahead. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to combat the symptoms once they’ve already begun, making it important to take action several weeks or months prior. Dr. Charkawi will also work to advise certain lifestyle practices or habits that you can acquire for extra preventative measures.

Although it may be difficult to alleviate allergy symptoms completely, these measures can reduce how strongly your body reacts to the pollen, dust, and mold that is circulating in the air. Not only will you be able to enjoy the warming weather of the spring season more, but you will likely have fewer symptoms and have a healthier home.

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