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Patient Portal

How Do I Get Started Using the Secure and Private Patient Portal?

  • Our office staff can “web enable” you once you provide us with an email address. You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on how to log in.
  • If you ever lose your username of password, just let the front office staff know and we can provide a new temporary password.
  • You can access the portal through the link above by clicking on Patient Portal (turquoise).

Patient Portal facilitates better communication with your physician’s office by providing convenient

Patient Portal | Alpharetta

When you click on the link, this is what the page will look like.

and secure access from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

  • Save Health History
  • Make an appointment
  • Request refills of your prescriptions
  • View Your Health Records

What Can Be Done on the Patient Portal?

  • Communicate DIRECTLY with your doctor!
  • View your Health Record, including lab results and appointent history
  • Request medication refills, referral and future appointment (fOR SAME DAY appointments – PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE)
  • Update personal information including demographics, allergies, social and surgical history.