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Male Hormone Therapy

When you have a testosterone deficiency your whole lifestyle and health can drastically change. Like menopause in women, a hormonal imbalance or andropause can have a wide range of symptoms. According to a recent article on Men’s Anti-Aging Clinic of Atlanta, some of the symptoms may include:

• Insomnia
• Exhaustion
• Loss of hair
• Muscle loss
• Weight gain
• Depression
• Hot flashes
• Night sweats
• Easily annoyed
• Loss of memory
• Urinary problems
• Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
• Reduced sex drive (libido)
• Gynecomastia (increased size in breasts)

The good news is that the majority of andropause symptoms can be reduced or eliminated with male hormone therapy. Frankly, many specialists agree that male hormone therapy is one of the best ways to care for hormone imbalances. Additionally, restoring hormones to a more natural state can transform the body back to a functional state plus rekindle youthful energy.

Numerous Health Benefits

Studies show that male hormone therapy may have numerous health benefits. According to a recent post from WebMD, testosterone replacement could lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. In fact, several studies showed that testosterone replacement therapy lowered metabolic syndrome risk factors, reduced total cholesterol and body mass index. In fact, the results of a study by Farid Saad, director of scientific affairs for Bayer Schering Pharma in Berlin deduced that male hormone therapy:

• A lower count of total cholesterol by one-fourth to one-third
• Reduced two or three trouser sizes (about three or four inches off the waist)

However, the long term effects of male hormone therapy are unclear. In addition, close monitoring and management of male hormone therapy is recommended.

Johns Creek Family Medicine

If you are considering male hormone therapy, schedule an appointment at Johns Creek Family Medicine. The type of male hormone therapy can be determined during a thorough consultation with our highly praised physician Zack Charkawi, M.D. What is more, at Johns Creek Family Medicine we deliver top quality medical care services plus treat the whole patient. In fact, Zack Charkawi, M.D. feels that improving and balancing a patient’s mental and physical health is paramount.

Johns Creek Family Medicine is located in Johns Creek near McGinnis Ferry Road and Highway 141 (Peachtree Parkway). The office is located on Hospital Parkway directly across from Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

Additionally, Zack Charkawi M.D. is accepting new patients from North Fulton, South Forsyth and Gwinnett counties plus the surrounding North Atlanta areas such as Alpharetta, Duluth, Johns Creek, Cumming, Dawsonville, Suwanee, and Roswell.

Note: This article is not intended to be a replacement for any type of professional medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions about male hormone therapy or other conditions, make an appointment at Johns Creek Family Medicine with Zack Charkawi, M.D.

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