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Health Tips for Aging Adults

photo of middle-aged couple cycling through countrysideAs you age, you may notice some changes taking place, especially in the realm of your health. A healthy diet and physical activity are key components to healthy living at any age, but there are multiple ways to stay healthy well into retirement. Those ways include diet and physical activity, mental health, relationships, and sexual health.


Tips on Diet and Physical Activity

Older people tend to consume fewer calories than their younger counterparts, therefore, it is crucial to eat nutrient-rich foods. Muscle mass tends to decrease and osteoporosis can develop, so getting plenty of essential vitamins and minerals will help keep you strong and prevent serious injury. Plan your daily meals to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, lean meats, cheeses, beans, nuts and seeds.

When you visit Johns Creek Family Medicine, you will consult with a healthcare provider proficient in geriatric medicine if you have any chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, to create a diet suited just for you. While you’re with your doctor, ask them about how much physical activity you need for your age and current activity level. Exercise provides a variety of benefits, such as balance, strength, prevention of health problems, improving mental clarity and warding off psychological ailments. Your doctor will take your medical history into consideration, such as whether or not you have previously had a heart attack. Consider keeping a daily journal of food and activity.


Exercise Your Mind

Along with your physical health, your mental health should also be monitored. Depression is common in aging adults but you do not have to accept this as a normal disruptor in your life. There are many resources to combat mental ailments. Nonetheless, effectively managing your stress is a good place to start when seeking to prevent depression and increase contentment.


Relationships are Important

Friends, family, and caregivers can be great resources for decreasing stress, increasing health and vitality, and providing overall satisfaction and peace, but don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor about any issues you’re struggling with. Staying up to date on health screenings is a significant way to prevent illnesses and effectively manage existing conditions. Your doctor can discuss these screenings with you and answer any questions you may have.

Maintaining relationships with friends and acquaintances is also key to overall health. Make sure you are setting aside time for hobbies you enjoy and consider exploring new interests and activities. Many communities offer classes, groups and meetings specifically for older adults. This is a great way to make new friends and find others with common interests.


Maintaining Sexual Health

Your sexual health is just as important as you age. Intimacy and emotional connection are a vital component to health and happiness. Communicating these needs with your partner will assure both of you contribute to a mutually fulfilling relationship. Sometimes, illnesses and disabilities can present problems, which can be resolved by speaking with your healthcare provider.

Dr. Zack Charkawi practices general and geriatric medicine at Johns Creek Family Medicine. You can find the practice on Hospital Parkway across from the Emory Johns Creek Hospital. New patients are currently being accepted by Dr. Zack Charkawi. Patients from all around the North Atlanta area.

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